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A couple more Renegades Q & A's…

I haven’t seen them spread throughout the sites yet, but we have a couple more.  Coil Club has posted one right here.
Also, while the guys at JoeCustoms haven’t posted it yet, in an email, the JoeCustoms admin sent along theirs as well:

Q: Since Renegades is an origins reboot of the GI Joe mythos, how do the writers decide whether to pull from the comics, the previous cartoons, the filecards, or branch out in a new direction?
A: Most often, we first build a story around our core Joes, then bring in new characters – “Future Joes” we call them – based upon a specific need, situation, or setting.  For example, if our Joes ended up in jail, there are several possible “Future Joes” whom they might meet.  We consider all the source material, and try to pull the best from and/or expand upon what already exists in the G.I. JOE brand mythology.

I’ll post more as they come up!  As always, keep checking my Q & A Archive for the responses as they’re posted.

G.I. Joe: Renegades "Bonus Q & A" Answers! – Episode Order Revealed!

Well, I gotta hand it to the Renegades guys…  I was certainly not expecting an answer this detailed from the question I submitted for the bonus Q & A in regards to episode order.  This comes straight from the “Horse’s Mouth”, in other words, Michael Vogel, VP of Development for Hasbro Studios:
Q: As much as I love the series, several events in the G.I. Joe: Renegades series have made it clear that the episodes are airing out of chronological order.  Can you please reveal what the episode order is supposed to be, and if there is a DVD release, will it feature the episodes in their intended order?
A: Well, first of all, the whole G.I.JOE RENEGADES team says “thank you” for the “thanks,” and that we really and truly appreciate the amazing fan feedback we’ve received thusfar.  We are also kind of thrilled that you were watching closely enough to figure out that our episodes were aired a little out of order.
There were several factors that contributed to the “not quite the way we intended,” most of them too boring to get into here.  But, yes., the DVD release will have the episodes in their proper chronological order.
And that order is as follows:

  1. The Descent Pt. 1
  2. The Descent Pt. 2
  3. Rage
  4. Dreadnoks Rising
  5. The Package
  6. Return of the Arashikage Pt. 1
  7. Return of the Arashikage Pt. 2
  8. Busted
  9. The Enemy of My Enemy
  10. Firefight
  11. Homecoming Pt. 1
  12. Homecoming Pt. 2, and so on…

In a nutshell, we premiered a little later in the year than we originally planned to, but still wanted to get the Xmas-themed episodes on-air BEFORE the holidays.  In the future, the Hub will rerun the episodes in their original order.
Awesome.  A huge thanks to the Hasbro PR guys, and especially to Mike Vogel for taking time out of his very busy day to write such a detailed and informative response to our question!  Great info!

Bonus G.I. Joe: Renegades Q & A Announced!

Got word from Hasbro today that they are offering a special G.I. Joe: Renegades Q & A round!  Only one question per outlet, but they are willing to take questions focused on the G.I. Joe: Renegades Animated Series.  Question has to be in by mid-day on Friday.  Answers should be back February 7th.
I’m considering asking a question about the order of the episodes…  yay or nay?  Anything else anyone wants to know?

Hasbro's G.I. Joe Q & A Answer Day is here!

Must be Friday…the G.I. Joe related Q & A answers are coming back in!  Here’s what we have from GeneralsJoes:
1) Hasbro revealed at the last Q & A that we were likely to get more Pursuit of Cobra toys in 2011 than initially thought.  Are we going to have to wait until Toy Fair to hear more about these, or can we expect to see some product reveals in the coming weeks?  Could we even get a few hints as to what to expect?
A: Unfortunately, you will need to wait for Toy Fair to hear about all of the additional figures; however, we will be bringing out some of the figures that have been asked for over the years. Some of the favorite 80’s GI Joes will be making a comeback. Stay tuned.
2) The move to a more realistic style for the G.I. Joe: Renegades toys has thrilled many fans, but it seems like a decision that came at the last minute.  Considering tooling is usually done far in advance, were any animated style tools created for the line?  What are the chances of seeing some of that stuff used somewhere in the future?
A: We believe that the decision to stick with the realistic style was the right one and see that fans have been pleased with that decision as well. That decision was reached before the tooling dates for the line and we have no current plans to release animated style figures.
3) Considering the different style formats for the G.I. Joe: Renegades and the G.I. Joe movie universe, how does Hasbro plan to deal with toy releases for the G.I. Joe sequel, or for that matter, the potential for the 30th Anniversary?
Thanks as always to Hasbro’s PR Firm and Hasbro themselves for answering the fandom’s burning questions!  As always, keep on checking the GeneralsJoes Q & A Page for more Q & A Answer goodness!

Latest round of G.I. Joe Q & A's are coming through

They’re coming in a few weeks late, but answers to the latest round of G.I. Joe Q & A’s are coming in, and there are already some neat tidbits.  First and foremost, here are GeneralsJoes selections:
Q1 – Recently the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has revealed to great joy that they will be releasing a 25th Anniversary homage Dial Tone figure as part of their 2011 Membership incentive program.  Judging by the widely positive fan response, it’s obvious that this is still a source of potential sales from a retail perspective.  What is Hasbro’s final stance on whether or not we will see 25th Anniversary homage figures within the next 12 months?  Is the Collectors’ Club destined to be our only outlet for this, or might we see something at retail?
A1 – The 25th anniversary was almost four years ago. We have already started looking forward to the 30th anniversary! While we won’t be introducing any more 25th anniversary figures, we will be tapping the great history of G.I. Joe to bring you 30th anniversary figs. The plans that we have, while not quite final, will most likely please the collectors of the 25th and Pursuit of Cobra lines.
Q2 – Articulation has always been a mainstay of G.I. Joe action figures ever since the 60’s, and at JoeCon, Alan Hassenfeld seemed to pride himself on that. Can you ensure us that even if G.I. Joe: Renegades toys are produced in an animated style, that they will maintain the high expectations for next generation articulation that G.I. Joe fans are used to?
A2 – We have always prided ourselves on the high quality of the action figures that we have produced. You can be assured that those standards that you have grown to know and love with the G.I. Joe line will continue in the future. Great articulation is a very important part of the line and will continue to be part of our line.
Q3 – It’s quite evident from the Pursuit of Cobra line that many of your designers are fans of movies like Predator, Aliens, etc… many of the fans also agree that a perfect fit for the G.I. Joe universe is Metal Gear Solid. Has Hasbro considered inquiring about the rights to that license, and if not, how much of an inspiration do the designers draw from that ground breaking military series?
A3 – We believe that the G.I. Joe brand and history are so strong and well known that we don’t need an additional license. It would also be difficult to reconcile the two stories. We are very excited as we continue to develop the future of G.I. Joe and believe that we are just beginning a great journey.
Don’t forget, you can catch up with every site’s Q & A submissions on the GeneralsJoes Q & A Page!

Latest G.I. Joe Q & A Right around the corner

Just as a reminder that Hasbro’s latest round of the G.I. Joe Q & A is coming right up.  Questions are due to be submitted next Monday, September 13th!
If you have any burning questions, post ’em in the comments below.  Can’t promise I’ll use them, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.