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GeneralsJoes Reviews Revolmini “Micro” Solid Snake

Many folks have been waiting and watching for information about the Revolmini line, which promises a new take on some familiar characters, in a scale closely matching what most G.I. Joe fans love.

Just last week, Big Bad Toy Store got the first Micro figure in stock, and it’s non other than Metal Gear Solid’s main protagonist, Solid Snake, a fact that made me quite happy.  Needless to say, I bought it, and I’ve now posted a review in my Miscellaneous Reviews section.

You can also click the link directly below.


GeneralsJoes Reviews Codename: Iowa Minimalist Prints Series 5 (1986)

group-01What started off as a little get together for G.I. Joe fans in a certain region has now grown to a full fledged G.I. Joe celebration .

Every year, the folks from Codename: Iowa run a fantastic G.I. Joe themed gathering and convention entitled Assembly Required, which has attracted G.I. Joe celebrities like Ron Wagner, former Hasbro designer Matt  Brandenberg, and recently featured a fantastic display case from G.I. Joe DeClassified.  They have fun activities for adults and kids as well as items for sale, and of course, their now famous “Minimalist” prints.

Check out the full review for this latest excellent series of Minimalist prints after the “jump”!


GeneralsJoes Reviews Acid Rain Sol Commander and Winged Victory

Ever since Acid Rain toys first appeared, I’ve been dying to do reviews of some of them, and GeneralsJoes reader Daniel actually volunteered to let me borrow a few of his figures so I could do so!

I cannot thank him enough.  Getting my hands on the figures has proven to be an eye opening experience, as they feel of much better quality than I originally thought.  The articulation is pretty amazing, and while it does impact the aesthetics a little bit, I think it does so in an artistic way.

Anyway, check out my reviews!  I have them linked directly below.  These terrific looking Acid Rain toys can be currently purchased at Big Bad Toy Store!


GeneralsJoes Reviews the D & J Toys Falcon and Viper Gliders

I’ve talked about D & J Toys on the site before, mostly focusing on their very cool Rise of Cobra PIT companion set, which took all of the cardboard pieces and reconstructed them into actual styrene components.

Now, I had a chance to get my hands on their Falcon and Viper Glider reconstructions, and came away really impressed.  These are very vintage in style, yet a lot more durable than you might be used to.

Check out the review in my Miscellaneous section, or just hit up the direct link below.  Good stuff from another great fan-based project!

GeneralsJoes reviews Transformers: Prime Complete Season Two on Blu-Ray

Yes, it was G.I. Joe: Renegades that brought me to The Hub, but Transformers: Prime has kept me here with the absence of G.I. Joe animation.  Getting steadily better with each episode, we now have the second season of Transformers: Prime out on Blu-Ray!

Shout! Factory was kind enough to supply me with a review copy, and you can check out the review in my Miscellaneous section, or  via the direct link below.

GeneralsJoes reviews Codename: Iowa’s Assembly Required 2012 Exclusives

Ever since I saw these  great looking posters online for the 2012 Assembly Required show, I’ve been dying to get a closer look.  Thanks to the awesome guys at Codename: Iowa I have had that chance, and I’m happy to say these offerings have more than met my expectations.

To celebrate Black Friday weekend, Codename: Iowa is offering the entire run of their 2012 exclusives for $175 on their Goodsmiths store.  That’s 31 minimalist posters, 2 screen print posters, 2 sets of buttons, and a t-shirt!  There are not many of these in existence, if you want them, now is the time.

* Minimalist posters *

  • These posters are minimalist designed based on the action figures that where found on store shelves in 1982 and 1983. Each poster is 12.25″ x 18.25″ printed on 100 lb. cover weight, acid-free paper. These two sets have a total of 31 posters. They come sealed in a clear bag with a display card showing all the characters on the back. Only 30 sets have been made and ever will be made in this format.

* Screen Printed Posters * 

  • 12.5″ x 19″ poster
  • 1 color screen printed on Neenah Classic Linen, 80 lb cover
  • Signed and numbered. Only 25 of each.

* Minimalist Button sets *

  • These buttons are minimalist designed based on the action figures that where found on store shelves in 1982 and 1983. Each set has 16 buttons on a custom card fashioned after the iconic packaging.

Other items you see in the review are promotional items like name tags, a keychain and other items not specifically mentioned in the review were all bonus items randomly packaged into the sets for sale.  Another very cool bonus from the Codename: Iowa guys.

These are truly one-of-a-kind items, so hit up my review at the link below, and pick them up at the Codename: Iowa Goodsmiths store.

To stay up to date on all of the Assembly Required 2012 happenings, keep looking at the Codename: Iowa Facebook page as well.