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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 94 brings Bill Ratner and Arune Singh back to the mike

We are painfully aware that we’re not recording quite as often as we did in the past, but we’re trying to make every one of them count!

For Episode 94 we excitedly welcomed back two long time friends of What’s on Joe Mind, Bill Ratner (the voice of Flint) and Arune Singh (Executive Director of Television Communications, Marvel Entertainment) to have some very different discussions.

Mr. Ratner provides awesome detail about G.I. Joe history, while also breaking down his exciting new endeavor at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Meanwhile, Arune celebrates Transformers return to movie screens this summer (and the debut of the IDW comic book) with a spirited discussion about how a G.I. Joe/Transformers team up could work.

As always, check out the latest episode on Podbean, or through the embedded player below.  Show notes after the jump!


GeneralsJoes Reviews Acid Rain Sol Commander and Winged Victory

Ever since Acid Rain toys first appeared, I’ve been dying to do reviews of some of them, and GeneralsJoes reader Daniel actually volunteered to let me borrow a few of his figures so I could do so!

I cannot thank him enough.  Getting my hands on the figures has proven to be an eye opening experience, as they feel of much better quality than I originally thought.  The articulation is pretty amazing, and while it does impact the aesthetics a little bit, I think it does so in an artistic way.

Anyway, check out my reviews!  I have them linked directly below.  These terrific looking Acid Rain toys can be currently purchased at Big Bad Toy Store!


This deserves another mention: OriToys Acid Rain stuff looks pretty terrific

I know I’ve mentioned the Acid Rain line of toys a couple of times, but I wanted to make sure and make another mention of it, because everything I’m seeing makes me love the looks of this stuff even more.

If you haven’t explored the world of Acid Rain yet, and aren’t sure if you want to, that’s understandable…they aren’t cheap, and until you have something in hand, it can be tough to gauge it’s worth.  To their credit, the folks at are doing a great job showcasing some items from this line, and pre-orders are also now available through Big Bad Toy Store.  Check out some of the details below:

BBTS Pre-Orders

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