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They’re coming in a few weeks late, but answers to the latest round of G.I. Joe Q & A’s are coming in, and there are already some neat tidbits.  First and foremost, here are GeneralsJoes selections:
Q1 – Recently the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has revealed to great joy that they will be releasing a 25th Anniversary homage Dial Tone figure as part of their 2011 Membership incentive program.  Judging by the widely positive fan response, it’s obvious that this is still a source of potential sales from a retail perspective.  What is Hasbro’s final stance on whether or not we will see 25th Anniversary homage figures within the next 12 months?  Is the Collectors’ Club destined to be our only outlet for this, or might we see something at retail?
A1 – The 25th anniversary was almost four years ago. We have already started looking forward to the 30th anniversary! While we won’t be introducing any more 25th anniversary figures, we will be tapping the great history of G.I. Joe to bring you 30th anniversary figs. The plans that we have, while not quite final, will most likely please the collectors of the 25th and Pursuit of Cobra lines.
Q2 – Articulation has always been a mainstay of G.I. Joe action figures ever since the 60’s, and at JoeCon, Alan Hassenfeld seemed to pride himself on that. Can you ensure us that even if G.I. Joe: Renegades toys are produced in an animated style, that they will maintain the high expectations for next generation articulation that G.I. Joe fans are used to?
A2 – We have always prided ourselves on the high quality of the action figures that we have produced. You can be assured that those standards that you have grown to know and love with the G.I. Joe line will continue in the future. Great articulation is a very important part of the line and will continue to be part of our line.
Q3 – It’s quite evident from the Pursuit of Cobra line that many of your designers are fans of movies like Predator, Aliens, etc… many of the fans also agree that a perfect fit for the G.I. Joe universe is Metal Gear Solid. Has Hasbro considered inquiring about the rights to that license, and if not, how much of an inspiration do the designers draw from that ground breaking military series?
A3 – We believe that the G.I. Joe brand and history are so strong and well known that we don’t need an additional license. It would also be difficult to reconcile the two stories. We are very excited as we continue to develop the future of G.I. Joe and believe that we are just beginning a great journey.
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