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I haven’t seen them spread throughout the sites yet, but we have a couple more.  Coil Club has posted one right here.
Also, while the guys at JoeCustoms haven’t posted it yet, in an email, the JoeCustoms admin sent along theirs as well:

Q: Since Renegades is an origins reboot of the GI Joe mythos, how do the writers decide whether to pull from the comics, the previous cartoons, the filecards, or branch out in a new direction?
A: Most often, we first build a story around our core Joes, then bring in new characters – “Future Joes” we call them – based upon a specific need, situation, or setting.  For example, if our Joes ended up in jail, there are several possible “Future Joes” whom they might meet.  We consider all the source material, and try to pull the best from and/or expand upon what already exists in the G.I. JOE brand mythology.

I’ll post more as they come up!  As always, keep checking my Q & A Archive for the responses as they’re posted.