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Must be Friday…the G.I. Joe related Q & A answers are coming back in!  Here’s what we have from GeneralsJoes:
1) Hasbro revealed at the last Q & A that we were likely to get more Pursuit of Cobra toys in 2011 than initially thought.  Are we going to have to wait until Toy Fair to hear more about these, or can we expect to see some product reveals in the coming weeks?  Could we even get a few hints as to what to expect?
A: Unfortunately, you will need to wait for Toy Fair to hear about all of the additional figures; however, we will be bringing out some of the figures that have been asked for over the years. Some of the favorite 80’s GI Joes will be making a comeback. Stay tuned.
2) The move to a more realistic style for the G.I. Joe: Renegades toys has thrilled many fans, but it seems like a decision that came at the last minute.  Considering tooling is usually done far in advance, were any animated style tools created for the line?  What are the chances of seeing some of that stuff used somewhere in the future?
A: We believe that the decision to stick with the realistic style was the right one and see that fans have been pleased with that decision as well. That decision was reached before the tooling dates for the line and we have no current plans to release animated style figures.
3) Considering the different style formats for the G.I. Joe: Renegades and the G.I. Joe movie universe, how does Hasbro plan to deal with toy releases for the G.I. Joe sequel, or for that matter, the potential for the 30th Anniversary?
Thanks as always to Hasbro’s PR Firm and Hasbro themselves for answering the fandom’s burning questions!  As always, keep on checking the GeneralsJoes Q & A Page for more Q & A Answer goodness!