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Ask any intelligent Patriots fan what their biggest fear was at the beginning of the season, I would think everyone would respond with “the defense”.  The last two weeks pushed those fears aside a bit, but let’s consider the teams we played against.


“A Win’s a Win”

If any game were the very definition of the term above, this would be it.  Cassel was okay, Maroney was okay, the defense was GREAT, but overall the game had a somewhat ugly feel to it, yet we pulled out a 19-10 victory over division rival New York Jets.


Today’s the day

4:15pm.  Patriots Vs. Jets.  Matt Cassel’s first start since 1999 when he started for Chatsworth High School.  He’s played sporadically in the pre-season and in the regular season (when the game was already out of reach) but this is his first NFL start.

I have no idea how he’ll do, especially against a tough division rival like the Jets, but part of me is excited to see what happens this afternoon.  The other part of me is terrified.  :shifty:


Oh, Sh*t.

I couldn’t help it.  My three-year old was sitting right next to me and the comment received quite the dirty look from my wife, but thankfully little Megan was immersed enough in her Duplo blocks that she either didn’t hear it or didn’t care enough to repeat it (for once).