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I couldn’t help it.  My three-year old was sitting right next to me and the comment received quite the dirty look from my wife, but thankfully little Megan was immersed enough in her Duplo blocks that she either didn’t hear it or didn’t care enough to repeat it (for once).

I heard Dan Dierdorf say “He’s down…he’s grabbing his knee” and that was the first thing that came out of my mouth, I just couldn’t help it.

I know there are tons of Patriots anti-fans out there…there always are when teams are successful  over a long period of time (see New York Yankees, The), so to some this might come as good news that Tom Brady went to the turf in the first quarter of the game against the Chiefs today, clutching his knee.  The infamous “Tom Terrific” is quite simply the cornerstone of this entire team, and whether or not you think he’s the best QB of the current generation, that point cannot be argued.  If he is out for  more than 6 weeks this season, the Patriots will NOT repeat as AFC Champions.

Maybe I’m totally jumping the gun…maybe it was a ligament strain and he’ll be back next week, humiliating the Jets as he has for the past 7 years.  Maybe.  But I doubt it.  This certainly doesn’t look like a knee strain to me:

So I say again.  Oh, sh*t.