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4:15pm.  Patriots Vs. Jets.  Matt Cassel’s first start since 1999 when he started for Chatsworth High School.  He’s played sporadically in the pre-season and in the regular season (when the game was already out of reach) but this is his first NFL start.

I have no idea how he’ll do, especially against a tough division rival like the Jets, but part of me is excited to see what happens this afternoon.  The other part of me is terrified.  :shifty:

My prediction?  I think the Pats can ground out a win this week…it won’t be easy, and the Jets are going to be fired up for this game, but I think our defense will come through (at least this week, I don’t have much hope for the season in general) and I think Cassel will do just enough to help us win.

Even if he can do this, we’ll be okay:

I gotta say, too, watching the Colts play the Vikings today, I’m getting more and more bummed out about Brady being out for the season, because Manning’s looking pretty rusty. Of course, there’s plenty of time before we’d play them this season, so…