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Ask any intelligent Patriots fan what their biggest fear was at the beginning of the season, I would think everyone would respond with “the defense”.  The last two weeks pushed those fears aside a bit, but let’s consider the teams we played against.

Of course the Dolphins are even more terrible than the Chiefs or Jets, and here we sit being absolutely torched by Ronnie Brown and beaten down 38-13.  Our defense is old and slow, and today our defense looked old and slow.  Not a pretty sight, and if this is a sign of things to come for the season, this ain’t gonna be pretty, and it has nothing to do with Tom Terrific.

Folks can rant and rave about Brady, Cassel, etc…  but Matt Cassel wasn’t in the secondary or in the front seven on defense getting humiliated, fooled, and totally beaten down.  Yeah, he had a bad interception, and a killer fumble in the 4th quarter, but this loss lies solely at the footsteps of the defense.  Let’s hope they can rally around it and move on.

On the plus side, at least Indy and Pittsburgh lost, too.  I can take some solace in that.  😉

Buffalo Bills are division leaders.  Good for them.