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GeneralsJoes Reviews the San Diego ComicCon Jinx figures!

The movie is pushed back to 2013, G.I. Joe: Renegades is long gone, and by all accounts, mass retail toy shelves are going to be barren for the next 6 – 8 months.  Deth of teh line!!1!

But wait…there is a light on the horizon in the form of the San Diego ComicCon figures (and vehicle) that should hit the West Coast shortly after JoeCon this year.  For this year’s action figure offerings, Hasbro is going back in time, and now forward in time to bring us some great representations of G.I. Joe ninja finance clerk Jinx!  We have the red version taking us back to better days of 1987…well, except for that whole Cobra La thing.  And we’ve got a white version sporting a head sculpt looking very much like Elodie Yung who represents Jinx in the film, now coming out in nine months.  The whole time continuum is collapsing!

I struggled a bit with where to put these reviews, but since the packaging is very 25th Anniversary themed, that’s where they are.  So check out my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just hit the links below!  A big thanks to Gyre Viper from the JDSO Podcast and Jay from Carded Heroes for spreading the love a bit and letting me get these reviews out there.  Enjoy.

Flashback Review update – G.I. Joe 5-Pack #2

More big thanks to Big Bad Toy Store for sponsoring another Flashback Review, this time, for the second G.I. Joe Five-Pack featuring General Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, and Snake Eyes!  As an added bonus, BBTS has these for sale now for 20% off!

While a couple of these figures became somewhat redundant with the Hall of Heroes set, there is still a lot to love for a pretty reasonable price.  Check out the full review right here!