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Retirement?  Did someone say retirement… as I am in the midst of several 10 – 12 hour days in a row at work that word sounds awful nice right about now…

But enough about real life!  Thrust yourself back into your imaginary G.I. Joe filled existence with What’s on Joe Mind Episode 64.  We are joined this week by podcasting experts Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite from the Open Your Toys Podcast where we discuss the critical issues of the day like how to fill your entertainment center with San Diego ComicCon exclusives, whether a gimp suit equals a “vinyl toy”, and where to find the best french-speaking poutine.  It’s a live one, folks.

As always, hit up the full show notes after the jump, check out our Podbean Page, or listen to the embedded player below.



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We give Chuck grief for many things – many, many, MANY things.  One of those many things is that Chuck will not open his toys.  Well this week are joined by none other, the dynamic podcasting duo who encourages you to open your toys and to enjoy them, Slick and Mrs. McFavorite!  If you enjoy toy podcasts, you have undoubtedly heard their Open your Toys Cast.  If you haven’t, visit their webpage or subscribe to them on iTunes, NOW!  After hearing a little more about the Open Your Toys Cast, we dip into the mailbag to answer some of your questions before moving on to halftime.  After the break, listener of the program, Nathan, gives a review of IDW Cobra #13.  In the news, we talk about the new Sideshow female figurine, the lastest Canadian JoeCon news INCLUDING the reveal and RETURN of BLACK ICE!!  To wrap it up, we have a lengthy discussion concerning the Concept Case Survey ROUND 1.  KWINN FOR THE WIN!  All this plus “Turf Kurds,” the FSS honorings return and the WOJM Fantasy Football League!

Slick and Mrs. McFavorite

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