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Tell Hasbro What you want – 2012 GIJoeCon Concept Case Survey ROUND TWO



I could not have possibly foretold the success of the first round of the Concept Case Survey.  Well over 1100 rabid G.I. Joe fans hit the survey and voted on each section, naming their favorites and whittling down responses to a more manageable level.

I asked folks whether they wanted to see a “Top 10” from each section or a “Top 5”, and I took some of those into consideration.  However, my desire was to not “waste votes” so to speak.  I analyzed each section very carefully and determined the drop off after the Top 5 simply was too drastic to include 10 from each section.  I just thought that would not allow folks to focus their votes on a small, dedicated group of figures that the FANS have chosen.

I elected to choose the Top Six from each of the three main sections (30th Anniversary, Pursuit of Cobra, Zombie/Ninja) and also added in two G.I. Joe: Renegades figures for a total of 20 figures to choose from.  That seemed to include the largest number of established “fan favorites” that I could see.

Along with the 20 entry vote I also broke down some other questions, too, based on complaints and suggestions from fans of the last round.  The details of Round Two of the survey are below.

  1. The main survey is a ranking of the 20 figures that were established based on Round One voting.  Rank them in order of preference, 1 being the most highly rated, 20 being the lowest rated.
  2. The second round survey will run for TWO WEEKS.  On Monday, August 13th round two will be closed so the results can be calculated.
  3. Based on the results from Round Two, votes may just be tallied and sent to Hasbro, or I may make a determination to do a third round, depending on the demand and the results from Round Two.  I do not want this to go on forever, but I also want to be sure the results are as accurate as possible.
  4. To verify this survey, please check out the results of Round One.  My desire is to be totally transparent so the fans can trust these questions.

Please be aware… this is NOT a Hasbro endorsed or Hasbro supported survey or poll.  This is purely something that GeneralsJoes reader Chris came up with and we worked together to refine.  Just because this poll gets a certain result does not guarantee any figures will be made or considered.  It is merely an exercise in the fandom expressing their opinions through statistical analysis.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Hasbro did state very specifically at the G.I. Joe Convention that they would be taking stock of fandom response, and actual data will certainly help them calculate that, so I encourage everyone to make their voices heard.