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The guys jump back into our regular weekly show with a full compliment this time around as Chuck, Gary, Mike and myself all come together to uncover more G.I. Joe related secrets!  I’m sure everyone remembers that little 16 bit G.I. Joe themed game that was floating around the internet a few weeks ago, Attack on Cobra Island?  Well, we dig down into the center of it in this show, tracking down and interviewing the mysterious creator behind the video game.  He gave us some terrific insight and information about the game, tells us its current status (PS, you can download it RIGHT NOW) and what happened with the whole Hasbro situation.

We also took a few minutes to talk to Counterpunch from the Seibertron Twincast Podcast to uncover how Transformers fans feel about Fun Publications and the Collectors’ Club, and I think G.I. Joe fans will find some of his responses very interesting.  Check it out at our Podbean page, or via the embedded player below.  Don’t forget, Show Notes are after the jump.

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This week we step back into the shadowy depths of the fandom to find the person responsible for the very cool, but very outlawed fan made video game, GI Joe: The Attack on Cobra Island.  A crack team of WOJM investigative reporters, seasoned by watching 20/20 tracked down the lead designer of the game, known to us as Lord Skiff (aka Range Viper).  Skiff, or Skiffer as Mike likes to call him, agreed to a clandestine interview.  TO protect his privacy, Skiff asked that we disguise his voice.  He’s an every day collector and fan just like you and me.  Find out what he has to say about his game, the C&D issued by Hasbro’s lawyers and its foggy future.  Rounding out the first half of the program, our buddy and admin of, Fred Meyer (aka Leo T. Dragon) gives an indepth review and historical lession of the 2002 JoeCon Crimson Strike Team set.  Following halftime we were joined by Michael (aka Counterpunch) co-host of the Twincast Podcast to discuss the atmosphere at BotCon and some of the differences and similarities of the opposing fandoms.  You’d be surprised at what we discover.  After our good byes with Counterpunch, we dip into the mailbag for some JoeCon related questions.  In the news, Chuck GUSHES about the new layout.  The rest of us admit, it is AWESOME!  THe GIJCC unveils Stormavik and the first figure of the opposing faction – you get our reactions. All this and a ton more, PLUS we debut our new ORIGINAL theme music by composer Mat Howlett!!  The countdown to JoeCon 2012 continues!  Join the fun, won’t you?

Attack on Cobra Island

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