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IDW superstar Robert Atkins comes back to the show to talk about his time at Roll Out Roll Call 3, and we have a terrific conversation about the recent crackdown on 3rd Party vendors and artist’s alley at Botcon.  Great to talk to someone directly impacted by those events!

We also cover the latest news and intel going on in the G.I. Joe world, and Beachhead Mike actually makes it through the entire episode without ralphing.  It’s an Easter miracle!  Listen to the episode at our Podbean page, or hit up the embedded player below.  Show notes are after the jump.


IDW GI Joe and Snake Eyes artist Robert Atkins joins us again as we wrap up our coverage of Roll Out/Roll Call 3. We get his and Gary’s final report (and priceless stories) about their time in the UK for the convention. We also talk to Robert about his current projects AND get his impressions of the RobotCon artist alley decision passed down by Fun Pub and Hasbro (note: this was later cleared up during the week). After our talk with Robert, we dip into the mailbag for some more IDW discussion , Mike makes sure he gets the credit for whispering MAILBAG into the microphone and we all give our thoughts how Retaliation will hold up during Week 2 in its battle with a rebooted Spider Man franchise. In the second half, friend of the show Shogi reviews the Action Force ATC (or APC as we called it). If you want ANY Action Force vehicle, this is certainly one to go after! In the news we discuss the new pics of the carded figures shown on the GIJCC webpage and reviews of the Cobra Troopers and GI Joe Troopers that have popped up around the community. Next, Justin does the Mypos (said MEE-pos) Dance of Joy (aka Happy Dance) over Renegades appearing on Netflix; which leads to us taking a few minutes to talk about the old ABC TV Show Perfect Strangers – hey, its better than sports talk, right? Rounding out the news we cover the new Joe Caunck newsletter featuring an interview of Gary, new news about the GIJCC’s new website, AND an eBay auction offering up a piece of Joe history that never made it past the model stage. In a brief editorial, we address the fears of possible convention goers about using their credit cards with the club in lieu of the recent events with the club. You may be interested in the facts we have to tell you to ease your fears. It’s a jammed packed episode full of Joe, comics, movies, convention debauchery, Mypos native dancing and May Day discussion – yeah, no kidding. All this and even Siri makes a special guest appearance. We’re on the heels of #50 and our 1 year anniversary, so while you are hunting eggs this weekend, pass the time by taking in this extremely entertaining episode of WOJM!

Robert Atkins

News and Intel

The Dance of Joy!