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It’s the “All Kevin All the Time” episode!

Featuring Kevin Watts who comes on the show to talk about the HAZARD HISS Tank and the New Jersey Collector Con, and of course also featuring the immortal Kevin Michael Richardson (Roadblock from G.I. Joe: Renegades) interview which fills up the back half of the episode.    This is the “family friendly” version of the Kevin Michael Richardson interview, if you want to hear the uncensored version, don’t forget to hit up our Facebook Page.

For the full version of Episode 48, check out our Podbean Page or just listen to the embedded player below.  As always, the show notes can be found after the jump.


It’s finally here! It’s our Kevin Michael Richardson epic interview episode! But before we get to the man who did the Renegades voice of Roadblock, we had another Kevin join us, Kevin Watts. You may remember Kevin from previous episodes and he holds the show record for being bleeped 44 times in less than 70 seconds back in Episode 38! This time Kevin joins us to talk about his new custom HISS Tank project for this Spring’s New Jersey Collectors’ Convention. After talking with Kevin, we go into the mailbag to discuss a letter from a listener asking our take on the prices of some of the more popular Pursuit of Cobra figures that were released late into the line and why they are so expensive on the secondary markets. Just before the intermission, the team discusses in great detail the upcoming 3rd party product ban by Fun Publications at BotCon and how it may possibly affect us at JoeCon in June. After the break, stay with us for the next hour as the we air our interview with Kevin Michael Richardson. Following the interview, Chuck sits in for Mike and tries to do his best impression of Ted Baxter and tries to take us through the news, which include coverage of a new fan-made video game, updates about the fanfilm GI Joe: Initiate, first looks/reaction to Retaliation toy packaging, Sears availability and updated movie PR stills….whew, that was a ton to talk about. As a side note to the listener, we tried our best to censor as many of the foul laungage in this episode. Hopefully we caught everything. If we didn’t, we apologize in advance. As you can tell from the KMR interview and the ending with Mr. Watts, we had our hands full with editing! Other than that, we know you will enjoy this one! Have fun!

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