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It’s been a crazy recording week this week for the What’s on Joe Mind crew…heck for most of them it’s been a crazy few weeks!  We spent some time this past week talking to various different folks at different levels of the geek stratosphere, but perhaps none with such a large following as Ryan Penagos, AKA Agent M on Twitter.  As Executive Editorial Director for he has his hands in many different pies, and is of course, a social media mastermind.

We interrogate him about Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, Twitter, and even manage to sneak in some G.I. Joe related discussion.  Check it out on our Podbean page, or listen to the embedded player below.  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below the player for the show notes.


Continuing the latest of trend of remembering the roots of the 80’s Joe, we spend some quality time again with the good folks at Marvel. This week we are joined by the Executive Editorial Director of Marvel Digital Media Group &, Ryan Penagos (aka @Agent_M on Twitter). Now he’s a Joe fan, don’t get us wrong, but when you have nearly 1.4 million followers on Twitter and have the latest skinny on this summers Avengers blockbuster, well, you have all of our attention. We spend a good hour talking with Ryan about the upcoming Avengers motion picture, as well as get the latest on Disney XD’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series. Filling in the gaps nicely is plenty of discussion on social networking, from Twitter to Facebook to Foursquare to GetGlue. We even get a story or two of what it is liked to be stalked by a follower (Justin, take notes). In the second half, Chuck gets some Transformer and Rasslin’ related email, we answer the 5 year old question: why do we call it 3.75″ when Joe is 4″, and we answer a blog comment about the articulation debate and our most favorite topic – distribution. In the news, we discuss the latest Renegades (and beyond) rumor and mull over some of the Retaliation cast videos from Toy Fair. You’re liable to learn a lot in this episode, so have some fun and enjoy!

Ryan’s Social Media Onslaught

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