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Full Force Podcast Series 2 Episode 8 is online now!

The guys from the Full Force are back with another action-packed…or is it action FORCE packed episode discussing all the latest G.I. Joe news.

Chris, Dave, and Eddie talk with Erik from Boss Fight and run through the gauntlet of G.I. Joe information…there’s more than you think!

Check out the latest episode over on the Podbean Page, or listen to it embedded below. FULL FORCE.

As series 2 comes to a close the boys at the Full Force celebrate 100,000+ overall downloads and listens since they began the show!! They delve into the Wolverine’s different guises and it’s drivers in the Figure Review, Erik ‘Chico Rodrigues’ Arana delivers a superb ‘Hunter’ in the Mexican Boss Fight Builds and Justin Bell gives us all of the news hot of the General’s Joes presses!! With series 3 around the corner (this means nothing to anybody but Chris) we wonder what the future holds for these three amigos……no we don’t!! FULL FORCE!!


GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 188

With all of the excitement surrounding IDW’s big G.I. Joe relaunch, a title has been a little lost in the shuffle, mostly because it’s the one title that isn’t changing at all.  That’s right, 188 issues into it and still going strong, Larry Hama and SL Gallant’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero hits us this Wednesday (that’s today!)  in comic stores everywhere, and as we’ve come to expect every month, does a terrific job continuing on the legacy of a Real American Hero.

Check out the full review after the jump.  Be warned… spoilers afoot!


Even over in the UK, Robert Atkins still bringing the G.I. Joe love

Listeners to the What’s on Joe Mind podcast and readers of this site know that Robert Atkins, IDW artist extraordinaire, has been over in the UK as an official guest of Roll Out Roll Call 3, a G.I. Joe and Transformers Convention over the pond in Southampton.

Well, just because he’s been busy with convention duties doesn’t mean he hasn’t had time to update the blog…in fact, he’s posted some great commission pieces featuring everyone’s favorite Cobra saboteur!  The blog posts are below, with gorgeous Firefly commissions intact, as well as some Red Shadows goodies.

Now I mention all of this keeping in mind that Robert it also in the midst of an exciting Kickstarter campaign for a project entitled Elders of the Runestone.  Any fans of his art will certainly appreciate this project!

Robert also sends along the following words:

“Im not taking commissions until the summer, but this is the loop hole. If people pledge for a commission as a reward they can sneak in on the list and get a full cover like commission of any character they choose. “

So, yes, he has closed commissions until summer, but if you pledge for a commission, you’re good to go.  Check the Kickstarter page right here, and let’s all do our part to support one not only the best IDW artists out there, but a big Joe fan and a hell of a nice guy to boot.  I’ve also linked the Kickstarter page below.

Robert Atkins does the Red Shadows…and a new project on the horizon!

As Robert Atkins is en route to Southampton, England to attend Roll Out Roll Call 3, he has posted a great image of the exclusive print that the folks at RORC 3 plan to have available at the show!

It is an absolutely awesome Red Shadows piece that you can see here, or mirrored below.

Also, Robert is in the midst of a new project, and he needs our help!  He is currently working with Quinn Johnson on a pretty neat looking new super hero comic project called Elders of the Runestone, and they have launched a Kickstarter page to help fund it.  You can check out the video below, and please, if you can, take a few moments to go to Kickstarter and help fund Robert’s exciting new project.

Roll Out Roll Call 3 UK Joe and Transformers Convention Exclusives Revealed!

I’ve talked quite a bit about the UK Convention Roll Out Roll Call III on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast (in fact, this week’s episode will feature an interview with David Tree, who is the mastermind behind the convention), but I haven’t mentioned it here on the site lately.

With member “Blot” revealing the awesome Roll Out Roll Call III exclusives, this seemed like a good time to do it!

The infamous Cobra Snake Armor will make a huge, triumphant return at Roll Out Roll Call III, with a whole new aesthetic! But, wait…  that’s not all!  There will also be an exclusive Red Shadow “Dreadnaught” featuring an awesome G.I. Joe/ Transformers crossover…  and an o-ring Baron Ironblood!

These are some truly awesome looking exclusives…makes me want to run out and buy a plane ticket.

Check out these amazing exclusives mirrored below.

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For more details about the exclusives, keep your eyes on the Roll Out Roll Call 3 Exclusives Page.  Full details on the exclusives are below, and more info can be found at All the Cool Stuff.

Roll Out Roll Call 3, the show dedicated to Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is a little over a week away.
There is so much lined up for the show, from amazing guests to presentations & panels to competitions to exclusives.
The 2012 exclusives have been revealed.
RORC-04 V.I.P.E.R Armour is proving to be our most anticipated show item ever. Available in 3 colours and limited to just 30 of each colour at £49.99 each.
RORC-05 Dreadnought is an evil reworking that would sit nicely in any Transformer or GI-Joe collection. Limited to 25 at £24.99 each.
The exclusives will available to Weekend Ticket holders from 20.00GMT tonite, so if you still need to order a ticket, please make sure you book before 19.30GMT to ensure your account is active for 20.00GMT exclusives ‘go-live’.