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I’ve talked quite a bit about the UK Convention Roll Out Roll Call III on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast (in fact, this week’s episode will feature an interview with David Tree, who is the mastermind behind the convention), but I haven’t mentioned it here on the site lately.

With member “Blot” revealing the awesome Roll Out Roll Call III exclusives, this seemed like a good time to do it!

The infamous Cobra Snake Armor will make a huge, triumphant return at Roll Out Roll Call III, with a whole new aesthetic! But, wait…  that’s not all!  There will also be an exclusive Red Shadow “Dreadnaught” featuring an awesome G.I. Joe/ Transformers crossover…  and an o-ring Baron Ironblood!

These are some truly awesome looking exclusives…makes me want to run out and buy a plane ticket.

Check out these amazing exclusives mirrored below.

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For more details about the exclusives, keep your eyes on the Roll Out Roll Call 3 Exclusives Page.  Full details on the exclusives are below, and more info can be found at All the Cool Stuff.

Roll Out Roll Call 3, the show dedicated to Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is a little over a week away.
There is so much lined up for the show, from amazing guests to presentations & panels to competitions to exclusives.
The 2012 exclusives have been revealed.
RORC-04 V.I.P.E.R Armour is proving to be our most anticipated show item ever. Available in 3 colours and limited to just 30 of each colour at £49.99 each.
RORC-05 Dreadnought is an evil reworking that would sit nicely in any Transformer or GI-Joe collection. Limited to 25 at £24.99 each.
The exclusives will available to Weekend Ticket holders from 20.00GMT tonite, so if you still need to order a ticket, please make sure you book before 19.30GMT to ensure your account is active for 20.00GMT exclusives ‘go-live’.