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Listeners to the What’s on Joe Mind podcast and readers of this site know that Robert Atkins, IDW artist extraordinaire, has been over in the UK as an official guest of Roll Out Roll Call 3, a G.I. Joe and Transformers Convention over the pond in Southampton.

Well, just because he’s been busy with convention duties doesn’t mean he hasn’t had time to update the blog…in fact, he’s posted some great commission pieces featuring everyone’s favorite Cobra saboteur!  The blog posts are below, with gorgeous Firefly commissions intact, as well as some Red Shadows goodies.

Now I mention all of this keeping in mind that Robert it also in the midst of an exciting Kickstarter campaign for a project entitled Elders of the Runestone.  Any fans of his art will certainly appreciate this project!

Robert also sends along the following words:

“Im not taking commissions until the summer, but this is the loop hole. If people pledge for a commission as a reward they can sneak in on the list and get a full cover like commission of any character they choose. “

So, yes, he has closed commissions until summer, but if you pledge for a commission, you’re good to go.  Check the Kickstarter page right here, and let’s all do our part to support one not only the best IDW artists out there, but a big Joe fan and a hell of a nice guy to boot.  I’ve also linked the Kickstarter page below.