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GeneralsJoes – Reborn!

Well, it’s been an interesting several months, I’ll give you that.

To tell the truth, I’ve written this post many times since last August, and deleted it many times, simply because I’m a bit stubborn and reluctant to accept defeat.  And to a point, when it comes to GeneralsJoes, I’ve had to (temporarily) accept defeat.

A few years back, I accepted an offer from the owner of YoJoe to host GeneralsJoes on their infrastructure to reduce hosting fees, and also agreed to a small monthly stipend for the immense amount of work that goes into writing the reviews and posting news.

Well, without getting in the muck too deep, the monthly stipend never really materialized fully and while I was happy to let GeneralsJoes live on the YoJoe servers, it didn’t save me a whole lot of work or money in the long run.

Fast forward to last year, when YoJoe was bought by a new corporation– who promptly cut off all FTP access.

For anyone who isn’t in the know, without FTP access I essentially cannot upload images, download images, or access much of my old content.  GeneralsJoes is, essentially, stuck in its current state.  I cannot migrate it to my own host, I cannot post new reviews, I cannot post new blogs or news stories (at least if I want to include images).

I have repeatedly sent requests for this access to be restored and have been basically told “sorry”.  It is what it is.

But my purpose here isn’t to talk crap about the new YoJoe owners, my purpose here is to start “fresh” (or as fresh as possible).  With a new mobile game incoming, movie news starting to flutter to the surface, and frequent podcast updates with The Full Force, I have decided to “reboot” GeneralsJoes so to speak.  All of the archival data will remain at the old URL (in the menu up above for helpful navigation) but I’ll be posting as much new content here at GeneralsJoesReborn as possible.  Will it ever be as frequent or as current as GeneralsJoes was back in the day?  Probably not, but I’m going to have some fun with it anyway.

Stay tuned… definitely more to come!


GeneralsJoes Dio-Story Navigation Fixed

I did a major overhaul of my dio-story section last week, but in some cases (most notably the G.I. Joe and The Transformers story as well as the Miscellaneous stories) the navigation was still weird, with the “Previous” and “Next” links being above the images.

I have made some further CSS adjustments so the navigation for those other sections now match the GeneralsJoes section with the big “PREV” and “NEXT” arrows at the bottom of the page.

Sorry for any inconvenience, hopefully this will further enhance the enjoyment of these stories!  🙂

Be sure to follow the links in the drop down above, or the links below to check this all out:

GeneralsJoes Dio-Story Sections Rearranged

I’ve now been on this WordPress platform for nearly five years, and meanwhile the Dio-Story and Review sections have kind of been tagging along in static pages, not nearly as integrated with the rest of the site as I’d like them to be.

Well, the Reviews are still pending some integration within the YoJoe framework, but the Dio-Stories are now part of my GeneralsJoes WordPress Content Management System.

What does that mean for the reader?  Honestly, not a whole lot.  The pages have been slightly reformatted, with some cosmetic navigation differences, but the essence of the stories are the same.

The Drop Down Menu above has been re-coded to reflect the change, so if it’s been a while since you’ve checked out the dio-stories, you may want to consider diving back in.

And as some might suspect, the reasons for doing this are not just to help the current configuration, but also to prepare for new content, so consider this a confirmation that my latest Dio-Story “Darkness Falls” will indeed launch this year.

My current vision is to try and have it rolling by summer, and perhaps even earlier, if everything falls into place.  In a perfect world, I’d start the ball rolling at JoeCon, but realizing that event grows nearer every day and I still have a lot of work to do, I’m not sure that’s reasonable.

I’ll try to keep everyone in the loop as progress is made, but meanwhile, hit up the GeneralsJoes Dio-Story section to play some catch up, and check out the Miscellaneous Dio-Story section as well, where I’ve collected a number of smaller stories I’ve done throughout the years.

Also, don’t forget about Self Modifier’s fantastic G.I. Joe vs. Transformers Dio-Story which is a must read for Joe fans and Transformers fans alike!  Thanks as always for all of your support, I know this has been a long time coming, I really hope it’s worth the wait.

I really want to thank Mike and his work on the fantastic WordPress “WebComic” Plug in…it’s an awesome plug in right out of the box, and he’s offered some really great support along the way, too.  If you’re looking for a nice, quick way to host webcomics on a WordPress platform, you should definitely check it out.

Huge thanks, too, to Brad for his assistance in getting things polished up and ready for launch.  I owe ya one!

Happy Thanksgiving from GeneralsJoes

Just wanted to take a few moments this morning to give a big thank you to all of my readers, my sponsors, and people who take valuable time out of their day to drop me a line and let me know they appreciate the site.

This website has been a labor of love for many, many years, and it makes me very grateful that people enjoy what I do as traffic continues to improve, even during a year where very little G.I. Joe news occurred.

Looking forward to 2013 I cannot wait to see what comes from the G.I. Joe brand, and I greatly look forward to sharing it with you all.  I hope many of you have lots to be thankful for (in the toy world and in your “other lives” as well).

As you eat your fill of turkey and stuffing today, take a few moments to remember those folks who have given up their holiday and in many cases their lives so we can take this day and celebrate it with people we love.  Enjoy it, and if you’re mentally preparing yourself for Black Friday shopping, you’re a braver man (and woman) than I.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

The Evolution of a Toy Room – Part Four

As time continues to roll on, it feels a bit odd writing up these updates, considering how far along I am now, but how far back I feel like I should write so I don’t skip too much time.  Folks who have been following along, know that in Part Three I talked about the sudden appearance of 7 feet of copper piping on one wall, and how that threw my entire display idea into flux.  The builder accommodated nicely by walling around those pipes and the wall-mounted ventilation system, giving me some room to work with.

At this point, we’ve been living in the house for about two months, and the room is starting to come together.  Click the read the rest of the story link below for the full details.