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Twelve days left!  Twelve very long days as we approach the finish line.  We blast into the dirty dozen in violent, explosive fashion thanks to Twitziller who provides this very compelling reason to catch G.I. Joe: Retaliation.


First Paris, and now London… by the time G.I. Joe 3 is done, all of Europe will be a crater!

In all seriousness, I found this to be a pretty bold and dramatic move on the part of the film makers, who essentially turn London into a parking lot as a show of Cobra force.  Slamming a tungsteon rod deep into the heart of Britain, Cobra demonstrates their ruthlessness and their willingness to push the envelope.  I think a certain amount of destruction is expected in these big blockbuster films, but I found this to really be impactful, and by using one of the world’s most famous landmarks that only makes the impact even more potent.

Cobra is not playing around.  This isn’t the “world class buffoon” we’ve seen in previous iterations.  G.I. Joe has to take the fight to Cobra and quick, or there may not be much of a world left to save.

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