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If you’re a…  ahem…  thirty-something G.I. Joe fan like myself, you likely remember a time when it seemed like everything had trading cards attached to it.  I think I still have tons of them kicking around from the ’89 Batman film here somewhere.

Over the years, this tradition has faded away somewhat, or I just haven’t been paying enough attention.  But I guess it’s time to pay attention again!  Enterplay has G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trading Card Packs up for sale!  They look to be sold in packs of 6, with a total of 48 to collect.

I’m not sure if they’ll specifically be scenes from the film or other stuff, but I’ve got a few packs coming, so I’ll find out soon enough.  Thanks to Skinny Joe Fan for the info.  Check out Enterplay to pick up your packs!