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Nothing brightens up a Monday like a good looking girl in yellow spandex!  I suspect that’s really why Twitziller picked today’s reason, but he’ll tell you it’s about “character” or “martial arts” or something.  Whatever his motivations for it, check out today’s reason for G.I. Joe: Retaliation greatness.


No, that’s not the Jinx we’re familiar with, but one look at Elodie Yung kicking ass throughout the various trailers we’ve seen leaves no doubt in our mind this will be the Arashikage cousin we’re looking for.  From her red blindfold to her mountain top head dive Jinx certainly looks to be a major player.  The really interesting thing will be how her appearance blends the military and political angles with the Arashikage ninja one.  Certainly appears like she’s going to make a difference in the film.

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