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The news is coming fast and furious… premieres across the world, movie scores being released.  Posters, movie clips, interviews.  It’s crazy!  Who would have thought nine months ago that the excitement and enthusiasm would be right back up at maximum with G.I. Joe: Retaliation making it’s big return.

Twitziller focuses his attention today on the reason for the delay, which has caused some controversy among the fandom and among audiences across the country.  Will the change be worth it?  Only time will tell.  Thankfully, not much time to wait!


Before I go into the whole 3D conflict and conundrum…  look at that picture up there.  Do you see those Cobra logos in the throwing stars?  How freaking AWESOME is that?  Kudos to Twitziller for picking up on that, I haven’t seen anyone else mention it.

As for 3D itself… is it a fad?  Yeah, maybe.  But it’s a fad that’s been going on 50 years now, and has made a resurgence in recent years.  And apparently it is huge Internationally.  Judging by the world wide scope of the press tour and premiere schedule, the folks promoting G.I. Joe: Retaliation are paying a lot of attention to the International market.  That’s smart.  Yes, I know G.I. Joe is “A Real American Hero” and I think that’s a big part of it’s appeal, but if promoting it this heavily worldwide can earn the film an extra few hundred million dollars, I’m willing to make some concessions on that fact.

Jon Chu’s vast experience with 3D production enabled the film crew to take existing footage and engineer it better for 3D, especially with some of the focal point fight scenes, like the ninja mountain battle.  Ultimately the success or failure of the 3D conversion and the financial gain from it may not even be measurable, but let’s all hope it makes enough impact to make G.I. Joe a viable brand again going forward.

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