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Less than two weeks…is this even possible?  I think it’s really going to happen this time.  Twitziller thinks so, too, and he gives us the 13th reason why the film will be worth the wait.


I think Twitziller has been trying very hard to avoid throwing Rise of Cobra under the bus during this process, and I appreciate that.  Rise of Cobra was certainly far from perfect, but it had its fun moments as well.  Even the most ardent Rise of Cobra supporters, though, will agree that the costume design could have used a LOT of help.  I’m a huge fan of Sigma 6 as folks know, but that uniform design really should not have been considered for the first ever representation of G.I. Joe on a movie screen.  I didn’t mind the reactive armor look, but it just didn’t scream “G.I. Joe” in my eyes.  The combination of spandex and khaki pants on Snake Eyes really didn’t work either (not to mention the lips) and don’t even get me started on Cobra Commander.

I should say that I actually really loved the design of the Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander, but  as the first installment of the G.I. Joe franchise, they needed something more traditional.

Well, from all appearances, G.I. Joe: Retaliation has taken many of the complaints about costume design from the first film and completely scrubbed them from people’s minds.  The almost seamless transition of standard military combat uniform and state of the art layered body armor works extremely well in all cases.  These soldiers look like they’re soldiers, but they also look separate from more “normal” soldiers, much in the way you’d expect a real world G.I. Joe organization to look.  And, again…  Cobra Commander this time around is pretty much perfection.  The battle helmet is down perfectly, and his black leather trenchcoat offers just the right amount of sinister bad ass.  I didn’t even mention Snake Eyes, who looks infinitely better than he did in the first film as well.

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