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I think it says a lot about G.I. Joe as a brand and a property when they take what was arguably their strongest female character and kill her off, but are then able to find another equally strong female character to take the lead in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation sequel.  Twitziller recognizes the critical importance of Lady Jaye in the realm of G.I. Joe as well in today’s update.



Various clips, trailers, and TV spots have shown a Lady Jaye who is “take no prisoners” and “take no gruff” from anyone.  She is able to let all the men’s comments slide off her back, and lets her actions on the field of battle prove her worth to the G.I. Joe team.

As the apparent weapons expert and marksman of the G.I. Joe team, Lady Jaye unleashes all sorts of weapons of destruction through the film and Adrianne Palicki does a great job backing it up.  There is no doubt she is a key player in this universe and her introduction in this film has made a big impact.

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