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No pun intended in the title…  ah, who am I kidding?  Pun definitely intended.  It’s a Friday, which means Twitziller is focusing on a major factor today, and that factor is one that many of us can probably guess, especially based on my horrible pun up above.



I know I’ve mentioned in the past how humorous it is that only ten years ago, Hasbro could barely even keep the copyright active for Roadblock, and here we are with the character the focal point of the entire film franchise.  I think the character is a great choice, and the actor is equally great for this role.  So why does Roadblock make sense for the film?  He’s a larger than life character, with a lot of personality.  He’s someone who still has some open ends in his history, yet he’s familiar enough with fans to resonate.  He was a focal point in the cartoon, and had some very key roles in the comics as well, and was one of the few characters who could transcend both.

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