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I’ve showcased the great guys over at TS118 before, and they really pulled out all of the stops for the premiere of G.I. Joe: Retaliation!  They were able to coordinate with a local movie distributor to feature their unique and excellently crafted diorama sets at various locations in conjunction with the movie premiere.

Imagine going into your local theater to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation and seeing a full blown G.I. Joe battle scene right in the lobby.  Pretty cool stuff right there.

Click the read the rest of this entry link below to check out the full details and a bunch of great images!

As we have previously shared last year, TS118 has secured an agreement with Solar UIP (the Philippines movie distributor for GI Joe Retaliation) in their marketing efforts for this film. As part of the agreement, we shall be providing them action figure displays and dioramas for the promotion of the movie (March 14-April 7, 2012). Moreover – and here’s the best part – the TS118 army have been invited to attend the Philippine premiere of GI Joe Retaliation set on March 25 (Monday); regular screening nationwide is slated on March 30 (Saturday). Cosplayers depicting Retaliation characters (Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Roadblock, Duke, Flint, Lady Jaye, Jinx, Firefly, Cobra Commander and a generic Red Ninja) also in attendance.

TS118 was Solar UIP’s official partner during last year’s 11th Philippine Toycon (June 15-17, 2012) where one of the main attractions was the GI Joe movie. Despite the movie being pushed back to March 2013, we still spearheaded the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 3.75” GI Joe line by participating and displaying a large collection of GI Joe memorabilia – with the notable inclusion of the vintage USS Flagg (never been in public display in the Philippines for the last 20-plus years).

For this year, we will have SIX (6) malls with dioramas encased in glass cabinets, displayed almost simultaneously.

Our 1st ever multi-venue display has been codenamed Operation: Hexa-ct Retribution. Hexa = 6 (representing the 6 malls), Exact Retribution = To Retaliate (GI Joe Retaliation).

Combine them…6 malls of Retaliation. Details below:

USS Flagg [SM North]

  • § Flavor Text: “The aircraft carrier deploys GI Joe to battle Cobra! Who will win?”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Picking up from where the GI Joe: ROC movie left off.

Cliff Battle scene and Paratrooper drop [SM Mall Of Asia (MOA)]

  • § Flavor Text 1: “Snake Eyes and Jinx face the deadly Cobra red ninjas in this dangerous cliff!”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Custom cliff face + bridge
    • · SE + Jinx + Kamakura versus a ton of red ninjas.
  • § Flavor Text 2: “Paratroopers leap into battle! Equipped with courage and firepower, GI Joe jumps to enemy ground!”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Paradrop with rappel lines from a AB-115 Shark.
    • · Joes with the ambush, Cobra caught unawares.

Ninja dojo and Cobra jailbreak [SM Megamall]

  • § Flavor Text 1: “Ninjas prepare and converge for war! Who will side for Cobras and Joes?”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Custom ninja dojo panels
    • · Joe ninjas versus Cobra ninjas.
  • § Flavor Text 2: “”Firefly rescues Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow from a secret containment facility!”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Custom GI Joe base
    • · Custom Retaliation versions of Firefly, Storm Shadow (unmasked, topless) and Cobra Commander (white) versus GI Joe troops.

White House [Robinson’s Place Manila (RPM)]

  • § Flavor Text: “Cobra armies replace military troops and are primed to launch an offensive to the rest of the world!”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Custom White House (with multiple rooms)
    • · A massive Cobra army spanning two whole glass cabinets.

Cobra Command Center [Glorietta]

  • § Flavor Text: “Deep within the hidden Cobra base are weapons of mass destruction, ready to force nations to bow down to its might.”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Custom Cobra base
    • · A massive Cobra army spanning two whole glass cabinets.

Desert Raid [Trinoma]

  • § Flavor Text: “The Joes battle it out as an unknown enemy threatens their ranks! Will GI Joe survive this fight?”
  • § Key points of interest:
    • · Re-enactment of the GI Joe team being ambushed in their desert base.
    • · A custom GI Joe desert base with movie characters.

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More updates to be posted via our FB account ( and Twitter (@toysoldier118) , especially posts before and after the movie premiere, and diorama details as they go live.

We’ll make sure Joe fans all over the world will be kept abreast about what’s happening in the Philippines especially during GI Joe Retaliation week (that stretch between 3/24 thru 4/1).