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This question has been floating around the fandom for a very long time, and many fans just short of assumed that Charlie Adler was voicing the menacing Cobra Commander in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film.  Apparently this is not the case! interviewed Robert Baker, and within the scope of that interview, he revealed that he is indeed the voice of Cobra Commander in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation film.  You can watch the interview below, he reveals the tidbit at around 6:25 in the video below.  Mr. Baker has previously been in the television show Justified (along with fellow Retaliation alums Walt Goggins and Joseph Mazzello) and will be in Lone Ranger this summer as well.  You can see his resume on

A huge thanks to Erik for sharing this interview with GeneralsJoes.  It’s been a mystery, and it’s awesome to get that mystery revealed!