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Okay, these featurettes have been flying hot and heavy over the past few days, so let’s catch a breath and get them all gathered up in one place shall we?

We’ve had “behind the scenes” we’ve had TV spots, and we’ve had the great 20 second character profiles.  All of them, when assembled, make for some very cool pre-film hype.  I can tell you, I’m flipping out over here right now.  Lots of great footage, I can’t even believe we’re almost within 2 weeks of this thing.

Click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below to get a nice, well-organized rundown of all of the character profiles that have aired so far:

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Character Profiles


Snake Eyes



Lady Jaye


Joe Colton

Cobra Commander

Storm Shadow


Have some G.I. Joe: Retaliation goodness!  Tons of video there to keep you busy.  Twitter friend Curtis has a great Playlist set up, too, which will rotate through all of the character profiles click below to check that out: