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Only 35 short days until G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Twitziller has provided Reason #35 that the film is going to be great!  He picks a big one for this Friday, and one that I think many other G.I. Joe fans will agree with.


Ah, the HISS Tank…  if there is a more timeless, iconic vehicle that represents the Cobra organization, I don’t know what it is.  Classic vehicle design in the 80’s was a craft and an art form unto itself, and that was never more evident than with the HISS Tank.  The unique sloped armor, those angled treads…it had a distinctive shape and style that was rarely replicated.  Like the X-Wing and Millenium Falcon for Star Wars, it became a visual representation of the entire Cobra structure.  So many early G.I. Joe Marvel issues focused on this singular vehicle, from the hand-to-hand fight with Hawk and Destro, to the Baroness’ injury…the HISS Tank almost became a character of its own.  While many cutting edge vehicles made appearances in the Rise of Cobra, none of them had that unique Cobra aesthetic (no, not even the Night Raven really) but the scene of HISS Tanks slowly rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue immediately created a sense of dread…  awesome dread.

Another great choice.  Be sure to read back through the list on GeneralsJoes, follow Twitziller on Twitter to continue the discussion, and check out the last batch of images below.

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