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The days continue to click by, and yes, weekends count!  Twitziller doesn’t believe in taking weekends off, and has posted Reason #35 to look forward to the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel.


While so many characters got established, well-developed storylines over the past 30 years, I tended to navigate to the more obscure characters simply because those characters had more flexibility to fit my personal view of the G.I. Joe universe.  Zartan was the exception.  His character, personality, and abilities were unique and such a perfect example of what made G.I. Joe and Cobra so great.  Right on the fringe of real world and science fiction, this chameleon-like master of disguise could be anyone anywhere.

The film universe explained this away with nanomites, and while many fans had issues with the nanomites, this was a great somewhat more “real world” reason behind Zartan’s bizarre abilities.  The Cobra master of disguise being the central core of the sequel’s plot was a great step towards unifying the movie universe and building the story forward.  Check out the rest of the list here on GeneralsJoes, and see previous images below.  Thanks as always to Twitziller for coming up with this excellent list.

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