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What appeared to be an official Twitter account announcing film premieres in the UK a few days ago announced that G.I. Joe: Retaliation would be premiering over there in February (well before the March 29th domestic release date in the US)…and understandably, many of us jumped on it (myself included).

Turns out the gun might have been jumped just a bit.

Good friend of GeneralsJoes Dave Tree from All The Cool Stuff reached out to Paramount publicity in the United Kingdom and was told in no uncertain terms “–Definitely no premiere in Feb…“.  In fact the UK Paramount publicity person said that there had been no UK premiere or junket scheduled at all as of yet.  Considering Dave got a chance to see nine minutes of the film last year as part of a press event, I am confident in his sources on this topic.

Stay tuned, Joe fans, looks like this should have been filed under rumor…  mea culpa.  Big thanks to Dave for clearing this up.