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It seems so impossible that we’ve already hit 69 episodes of What’s on Joe Mind, but here we are.  And childish jokes aside, this is a great episode!  We spend some time throughout election night speaking with new IDW G.I. Joe writer Fred Van Lente and Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh.  We also interview one of the brainchildren behind Cobra Stickers, RJ, and of course chock full of news and G.I. Joe related content.

I know we’re not pushing these out on a weekly basis anymore, but hopefully we’re generating content worth waiting for.  As always, check this out on our Podbean Page, or via the embedded players below.  Also make sure to click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for all the show notes.



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It’s election night in America…or it was when we recorded this episode in a time capsule. Boy, a lot has sure happened since we’ve last hear from the Terrific Treo and Chuck. Half the football season is over, we have a new baseball champion, basketball has started, hockey has…well, no one really seems to notice hockey missing, and we’ve had a Superstorm roll through the east coast. Because of this mega storm, we had quite ths diffcult task of keeping the show running and the audio is clean. We are pretty sure Arune got in trouble with the new wife because it sounded like he had KP Duty assigned to him in the second half of the show. *Sigh*…yeah, it was one of those shows, but its two plus hours for those of you who have been missing your WOJM “fix.” This episode we have not one but two interviews of notice. First we are joined by Fred Van Lente, the new writer for IDW’s GI Joe title. After hearing him, you’ll trust along with us that the franchise is in very capable hands. Following the interview with Fred, we went back in time to listen to a pre-recorded interview that we did with RJ from We were joined by Kevin Watts on that interview, so who knows what new colorful lexicons he will add to our show FAQ. I do believe this time it includes a bag a phallus-es. Yeeeah, it was one of those interviews, but don’t miss it never the less!! After the break we go into the mailbag to check on Justin’s status of collecting votes for the Hasbro Concept Case we saw at JoeCon. From another letter, we get the low down on life in NYC with Chuck and Arune post SUPERSTORM. We also have a letter ask us our thoughts about a live-action Joe television show. In the news, the awaited for Kre-o debate is held. It might surprise you our thoughts on this new line that has a lot of the fandom excited. We rehash the new IDW teams and briefly mention the GI Joe Complete Collection #1 from friend of the program Mark Bellomo is now on Amazon. In movie news, there is a “new” trailer. The PR machine is getting in gear. Rounding out the news, the fandom came out strong and supported Marauder John’s Kickstarter campaign (as heard in Episode 68). Bravo everyone!

The WOJM FFL bit runs from 02:03:00 to 02:10:15 – yeah, its more time than previous episodes, but we had more ground to cover!

NEXT, it’s CONTEST TIME!! Thanks to Mike and Kevin, we now have a name for all those who are Friends of Chuck (aka FOC’ers). We now need a logo. So if you have artistic skills, create a logo for The Friends of Chuck. Chuck (aka The Head FOC’er) will pick the winner. Please send submissions as a JPG to Third place will get a piece of Robert Atkins artwork; Second place will get a Renegades figure prize pack; FIRST PLACE will get a prize pack AND will appear with us as a guest host of WOJM in a future episode! Yes, that’s right, you can call Chuck a FOC’er, right to his face!!

Lastly, to all those who have been effected by the hurricane, we send our best thoughts and wishes out to you. We hope life gets back to normal for you as soon as possible. To everyone else, we hope you enjoy this long awaited for, time capsule episode 69 of WOJM!

SPOILER ALERT: Obama wins…just sayin’…

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