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From one Convention right into another.  Fresh off of our return to normal broadcasting schedule from the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention, the crew from What’s on Joe Mind immediately jumps to the next convention, this time the familiar ComicCon in San Diego.

With not much G.I. Joe news likely there, we bring in Arune Singh to talk about Marvel’s presence there and what we might expect from the House of Ideas.  We also bring in Moira Hunger to talk in more detail about the IDW seminar at JoeCon and comic nerdery in general.

But it’s not all about Comics, there is a healthy helping of G.I. Joe talk as well.  Check out our latest episode on our Podbean Page, or via the embedded players below.  Show notes as always are after the jump.



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As Justin says, “Hot Damn!”  After a whirlwind weekend in NOLA and a justified and well earned week-off rest (yes Chuck, those of us who WORK on the podcast need a rest), we’re back.  As one con coverage comes to the end, another one is just getting started (and it ended since we recorded, but we digress…) as our focus briefly turns to the left coast and San Diego for SDCC.  Our good buddy Arune Singh from Marvel Comics joins us and if his new theme/love song from Chuck doesn’t scare him off, we may be in store for some decent comic-level discussion from the biggest comic show of them all!!  As a side note, be sure to give us feedback on Arune’s Theme…Justin, Mike and Gary want to be sure that it isn’t JUST THEM who are tone impaired.  Anyway, have a listen to what Arune and Marvel have in store for SDCC and how it may relate to Joe fans.  Some of the info Arune gave us was time sensitive and Gary was a little lazy this week, so thus the late posting.  After Arune, we are joined by Mo Hunger from  You may remember Mo from our Ladies Night Episode as she Stumped the Chuck  in Trivia.  Ah, good times, good times!  What you might not remember from Mo is that she is an avid avid Joe comic fan.  Whether it is Marvel, DDP or IDW, there are few we’d consider on her level of expertise!  Mo joins us to fill us in from the IDW roundtable at JoeCon 2012.  We also discuss why the roundtable was so sparely attended and why their table at JoeCon looked so lonely.  Fear not, we’re here to give IDW love and support!!  If you are a comic fan, the first hour of the show is for you.  In hour number 2, we wrap up JoeCon by reviewing once more the Hasbro Concept Case and upcoming/proposed Hasbro Concept Fan Vote.  We also review and wrap up the GIJCC’s news concerning Iceberg, FSS v2.0, and the security status of the club website and shopping cart.  Both discussions on Hasbro and the GIJCC lead into our final thoughts and wrap up of JoeCon 2012 and when we might be seeing each other next in 2013.  In the news…well, there wasn’t much news, but what news there was centered on the 2012 Canadian Joe Con in Toronto with the reveal of 3 figures and a vehicle with a familiar bling to it.  We wrap up this show with a bow of what we got in and shout outs before being led out with our buddy James’s Theme…which is a lot more appropriate.  Anyway folks, thanks for your patience and we hope it was worth the wait!!  Enjoy!

Arune Singh and Mo Hunger

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