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Thanks to we have a look at the last G.I. Joe: Retaliation theatrical poster.  The poster takes some imagery from the previous character posters and combines it all into one pretty cool looking theatrical poster for the film.

Loving how this looks.  Another poster to add to my growing “want list”!  Check out the original post on, and also mirrored below.  Thanks to the Twitter account for the General Geekery Podcast for the heads up!

UPDATE – It looks like there are also posters for Brazil and the UK as well, which I’ve included in the gallery below.  The Brazil one is the split one that actually has Firefly in it.  The other one with Lee Byung-Hun subtly included is for the UK.

So, poor Flint is 0 for 3 on Retaliation posters.  What did he ever do to you, Paramount?!?  Thanks to toycollector962 for the updated info.

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