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Well, he refers to it, though he admits up front that there is no real clear indication as to exactly how the character survived.  At, several quotes from the Korean actor reveal that Storm Shadow does indeed apparently return from the dead in the sequel, though Lee Byung-Hun admits the way he does it isn’t necessarily clearly explained.

“In the film there is no separate explanation. However, there is a hint as to how ‘Storm Shadow’ resurrects.” The star added, “I really like the role of Storm Shadow. In order to act him out, I studied his character history and he was the most charming character of G.I. Joe. In the film there is a division between the Cobra army and Joes, however Storm Shadow does not really belong to either group. I liked the fact that the character was a lonely fighter.”

So, according to the actor himself, there is no real “separate explanation” but a hint as to how the character resurrects.  Something tells me the hint lies within the clear, water-filled tubes, but I guess we will find out June 29th!

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