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Every time I hear this guy talk, I get a big smile on my face.  In many cases you can tell when the Hollywood machine is just working and the actors who proclaim their “fanboy” nature are sorta pandering to those of us who have been around the block a few times.

You heard it during the Rise of Cobra tour when Stephen Sommers said how much of a fan of the franchise he was, and then shoe-horned his “Accelerator Suit” concept into a film where it probably didn’t belong.  Just listening to Jon Chu talk about the G.I. Joe property, his genuine excitement and interest in the brand is palpable, and it feels much more than an act that we sometimes get with other movie makers.  That doesn’t guarantee it’s a great film, but I think that is certainly points for it, and combined with all the great footage and imagery that we’ve seen, I find myself even more ecstatic for June 29th.

In this interview he talks about the reasons why you should see this movie this year, the shenanigans that go on on the set of the film, and what makes this G.I. Joe film different than the others.  Check out the interview on Comic Book Movie, and I’ve also embedded it below.