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This word comes in from those great G.I. Joe fans from TS118 who have provided images and details for some amazing dioramas over the past several years:

TS118 has secured an agreement with Solar UIP (local movie outfit who will show GI Joe Retaliation in the Philippines) as of this week.

We shall be providing them action figure displays and dioramas for the promotion of the movie (June 10-30, 2012) and will be helping them in the premiere and regular screening set on June 20 (Thursday).  We’ll also be their official partner for the upcoming 11th Philippine Toycon on June 15-17, 2012 where one of the main attractions will be the GI Joe movie.

Looks like the Philippines gets first peak on the new flick, but we won’t post any spoilers…”

This sounds like a pretty excellent coup!  TS118 has always been very involved in the G.I. Joe and toy convention world in the Philippines, and now they’re branching out into the movie scene.  This is awesome!

For fans from the Philippines, definitely something exciting to look forward to, and for the rest of us, I’m sure pictures will be online.  Kudos to some devoted fans for getting their work out there and making the Retaliation premier even more exciting.

Make sure to keep hitting up TS118 for the latest details and information.