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With CinemaCon come and gone a couple of weeks ago, online sites are now starting to reveal the video interviews they did during the event.  Yesterday we saw a great interview with Jon Chu, and today Coming Soon posts a nicely edited series of conversations with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Adrianne Palicki, DJ Cotrona, and director Jon M. Chu.

They all reflect nicely on the film’s place in G.I. Joe continuity (a “reboot” without really being a “reboot”), and how much the toyline and comic influenced the story they are telling this time around.  Quite interesting to note as well is The Rock speaking about Roadblock’s time training with Snake Eyes, and specifying that the character does not have an Arashikage tattoo in the film, but he may have one for “the next film”.  He says that with tongue firmly in cheek, but it was certainly cool to see it mentioned.  Sounds more and more like the whole Roadblock as a ninja element is something being much more marketed for toy purposes, and not so much a major part of the film itself, especially since we already saw Roadblock train with Snake Eyes in the IDW Prequel limited series.

Check out the interview on, or the embedded video below.

We’ve seen our share of video interviews…  this one is exceptionally well presented and has some great information and insight.  Definitely check this one out.