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GeneralsJoes visitor alvarobm sent me a link yesterday (I believe) about a Brazilian website that had posted a report on the early footage screening for G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  He seemed to indicate there was some information there that hadn’t been discussed in other reports.

The only problem…the site is in Portuguese.  I did the whole Google translate business, but it wasn’t really giving me what I was looking for.  But then alvarobm stepped in and offered to translate it for me!  I can’t thank him enough for the offer, and sure it’s not a perfect word-for-word translation, but I think it works well enough.

For any potential spoiler information I am putting the report after the jump, and if you want to check out the original site, click here.

Again a huge thanks to alvarobm for the translation!

G.I.Joe 2: Retaliation – We watched 15 minutes of the movie

Shots, explosions, action with cables, The Rock and Bruce Willis promise to rise the level of the franchise.

Marcelo Forlani
April, 24th, 2012

On the first movie of G.I.Joe series review, I wrote that fun was guaranteed, despite of the formula and some bad-used special effects. I haven´t seem the movie since then, but the memory in my head was of a movie full of action and a failure on the end, when tried to be greater than it should, on the Paris scene. After almost three years, is time to watch the sequence – and it comes full of innovations.

Paramount Pictures of Brazil exhibits last week, on firsthand – and for few people – 15 minutes of the movie and the new tralier. There are three longer sequences and a handful of created scenes to inform the audience and also use the oportunity to deliver af little about the plot…maybe much. Before details, see the noew trailer:

One of the news is the rotation of characters. All leads to believe that Duke dies at the begining of the moive, after a huge attack to Joe´s base, when only three troopers come alive: Roadblok, Lady Jaye and Flint. Roadblock, the new team leader, already knows who is the only person who could command that onslaught against them: the president of United States. After a few minutes, we discorver that White House is, truly, held by an impostor, who begins his plan of world domination, since he thinks that Joes are out of action.

Outlining, the three main scenes are as follows:

The Great Escape – is an extended version of the first scene of the new trailer, which shows Firefly attacking outside of a fortress, while Storm Shadow pretends a heart attack to start his plan of escape and release of Cobra Commander, who appears without the mask, with more breathing problems than an asthmatic Darth Vader. Following, we learned about the infiltration in the White House and the plan to destroy the world (well illustrated with a huge explosion of London). The sequence ends with the trio of Joes seeking General Colleman (sic), the Joe of all Joes, who asks for something in return for his help.

Snake Eyes x Storm Shadow – the rematch between the two ninjas. A battle that seems unfair between shurikens and a machine gun, which is destroing the ninja stars while they are thrown, and ends with a well balanced clash of “sai” daggers between the two. Cut to The Rock receiving “a vehicle of his size and that works fine in neutral”, but which he prefers to accelerate a little more.

Fight in the mountains – this sequence had already been briefly shown in the first trailer and must redefine the use of wire-fu (fighting with steel cables) in the Hollywood movies. On this more longer, and with more Cobra agents going against the Joes version, we can see that it has everything to become iconic and endlessly copied. The scene ends in an unexpected way, with a sacrifice.

If what you want to see are shots, ninjas, technology exploding things – like bomb-fireflies, motocycle that turns into seceral missiles – and many ohter action scenes wiht quick choreography, with many punchs and slow motion, and “Seven Nation Army” soundtrack, this movie seems to have everything to please you. Of course, a video like this one is done only with what is more “seller” (meaning the premiere only shows the most atractive scenes), and it is soon to make a pre-judgment, but the truth is the premiere had thrilled.

G.I.Joe: Retaliation will be released on August, 3rd, in Brazil