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Okay, consider this rumor mill material at the moment, but it’s a rumor I’m leaning towards believing.

I think over the past few weeks we’ve seen plenty of Retaliation images leaked on  While nobody seems to know exactly where this site originated, they certainly seem to have the connections to get these images before the mainstream sites.

Well, again, thanks to toycollector962 who passed on the word… the Twitter account for reports that a new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer is hitting April 25th.  They Tweeted the following information about it:

“Watched new G.I. JOE trailer. More dialogue, less Seven Nation Army. One epic scene.”

And they also Tweeted the following:

“Studio requested to remove GI JOE posters which were leaked earlier today by Paramount Mexico on local sites. Trailer is coming on April 25”

Should we take that as official gospel?  No.  But judging by their track record, and the fact that a new trailer was listed to the Alberta film ratings website, I’d say the information is probably reliable.  More information as it develops!