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It’s the golden episode of the web’s longest running G.I. Joe podcast, What’s on Joe Mind!  Join us as we celebrate the occasion with former G.I. Joe comic writer Brandon Jerwa, with Marvel Comics Director of Communications Arune Singh, and featuring some very surprising (and most welcome) call-in congratulations!

The first 30 seconds of the show is about the most geeked-out moment I have ever experienced in the history of G.I. Joe collecting.  It’s a “can’t miss” experience!

For G.I. Joe fans, you’re going to want to hear about Brandon Jerwa’s new project “Shooters” that he is working on with Eric Trautman and artist Steve Lieber.  It’s a tight, emotional, military-themed graphic novel that I haven’t been able to put down!  Hear all about it on the show.

As always, hit up our Podbean Page, or check it out via the embedded player below.  As always the full blown show notes are after the jump.


It’s here!  It’s our 50th episode!!  This week we are joined by Marvel’s Arune Singh and former GI Joe writer for Devil’s Due, Brandon Jerwa.  Brandon tells us his vision of how the adventures of GI Joe would unfold in the DDP universe.  Learn more about his favorite characters, how Wraith came to be, and which October Guard is Brandon modeled after.  Not only do we talk about Joe with Brandon, but we hear about his experiences on the Highlander and Battlestar Galatica properties.  Brandon also tells us about his new project, Shooter, set to launch April 19th.  Don’t miss it!  Next we talked to Arune some more about the next couple of weeks which will be HUGE for Marvel, including the Avengers v. X-Men epic cross over title AND how could we forget about Avengers appearing in your favorite cineplex on May 4th.  In the second half, we listen to your voicemail, which included some real zingers that you won’t want to miss!  All this plus your listener mail, GOOD news from the GIJCC’s concerning their New Orleans con set and upcoming release dates from DIC.  Two more to go until we reach on year, but enjoy this brief stop at 50, a milestone number in its own right…plus we get a message from a special friend of the program that couldn’t make us prouder to be a part of this hobby!  Chuck even sings, so download and listen now!

Brandon Jerwa

Arune Singh

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Official Podcast of the Canadian JoeCon!

Corpus Christi G. I. Joe Meet Up:
Saturday, May 12, 2012
1 PM to ????

Collector’s Planet
5929 McArdle Road
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412

Activities to include:
1. Show & Tell – Bring your rare/unusual/custom figures and vehicles to show to your fellow collectors.
2. Trades & Swaps – Bring your trade fodder and make deals with other attendees.
3. G. I. Joe Media – G. I. Joe cartoons and movies will be playing on the store’s TV and DVD player.
4. Roundtables – Okay, there might not be an actual round table for us to sit around but be ready to discuss G. I. Joe and any topic of your choice with other collectors.
5. Toy Hunters’ Network – Set up an (more) organized and (more) mutually beneficial system of finding/buying/trading those rare gems found in retail stores across South Texas while saving precious time and gasoline.
6. Other activities by demand