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That’s right, it’s a special edition!

Throughout the day yesterday the What’s on Joe Mind guys were trying to figure out if we should chime in with our uninvited .02 about the barrage of Retaliation related news that hit yesterday.  In the end, we decided ‘what the hell’ and hit up Skype to share our thoughts.

Being the “quick and dirty” recording that it was, it was just myself, Mike, and Gary spewing about 45 minutes of G.I. Joe: Retaliation love.  Check it out on our Podbean page, or hit up the embedded player below.


Paramount, USA Today and Hasbro needs to get this right.  WE RECORD ON TUESDAYS GUY!  I mean, how can we comment on breaking news if we record a week later?  If they knew that, we wouldn’t have had to record a special edition, but as it is, the occasion did warrant a “quick and dirty” session, so here it is.  Justin, Mike and Gary gather in the high tech palatial WOJM virtual studios to go over the first 9 figures revealed for this summer’s upcoming sequel.  We break ’em down one by one.  Which one’s did we like and which one’s do we feel will be duds?  At the end we quickly preview the new 30 second trailer that will debut at some point during the Giants rout of the Patriots  Patriots rout of the Giants in Super Bowl 46 in beautiful Indianapolis.  Call me Joe!

IN THE IMMORTAL WORDS OF JAY-Z: Whatever deity may guide my life, dear Lord, don’t let me die tonight…