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Well, this is a lot quicker when there’s only a 30 second TV spot and some reused footage to deal with!

I buzzed through the Super Bowl TV Spot and with the wonders of Quicktime spat out a few screen caps that show some of the interesting new details from this TV Spot.  Chief among them are the following:

  • Jinx looks very bad ass in the red, and we have a very nice, clear shot of the Blind Master
  • Snake Eyes manages to shoot throwing stars out of mid air with an UZI!
  • Yes, Virginia, Firefly WILL wear his familiar camouflage mask in Retaliation.  And he looks BOSS.
  • Roadblock quotes Jay-Z just because
  • Oh my goodness that’s COBRA FREAKING COMMANDER!!
  • Super Cobra speed bike with “fall apart and turn into death rockets” mode!
  • That certainly looks like Firefly on the back of the motorcycle as well
  • Is that a Pursuit of Cobra looking HISS rising up above an explosion in the desert?  Could there be a “Ripsaw” and another larger Cobra version of the vehicle?
  • Awesome view of what seems to be the Ripsaw…or is it the HISS?  Almost looks like someone in a white mask driving it.  Storm Shadow?
  • No matter how many times I see it, Snake Eyes kicking ninjas asses off of mountains is awesome

The screen caps are below.

What an awesome day.

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