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A few things that I forgot to mention, and I figured rather than edit an existing post and risk people not seeing it, I would put those items up here so folks could check them out.  I’ve been getting some questions about the 3 Packs, so here is what we know for the packs so far:

Dojo Battle

  • Beachhead
  • The Rock
  • Kamakura

Ninja Showdown

  • Snake Eyes
  • Red Ninja
  • Storm Shadow

3-Pack #3

  • Mouse
  • Snake Eyes
  • Sgt. Airborne

3-Pack #4

  • Firefly (gray 80’s homage)
  • Storm Shadow (movie accurate)
  • Cobra Invasion Trooper (red Shock Trooper)

We saw very blurry press pictures for the second 2 3-Packs during the presentation, but no up close images at all, so details are still fuzzy.

Now, another thing that may have somewhat flown under the radar…  Roadblock’s whole “Battle Kata” concept, according to Derryl DePriest, is the idea that he has these modular handles that can be used as knives, or handles for various weapons.  He wears a very cool vest to accommodate his various weapons in the Wave 2 version.

But one thing that I’m not sure people have noticed…the Wave 1 Roadblock actually has something attached to his hand.  Like permanently attached.  I suspected that was the case when initial press images were shown, but other press images seemed to negate that thought.  There’s no negating this, though:

That image is extremely clear.  No denying it there.  In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, because I much prefer the second version of Roadblock, anyway.  But it is certainly an interesting development.

Also, questions have come up about Firefly’s “sled”.  He can apparently lay down in it, and grasp the handles, which activates some lights on it.  Pretty neat, I guess, but nothing Earth shattering.