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Hold on to your seats, Joe fans!

With the 2012 Toy Fair wrapping up today for Hasbro, many big name media outlets and Hollywood folks were walking through the Hasbro showroom.  You had to know that some interviews would take place, and Mike Ryan from Huffington Post got a big one!

He took a few minutes to talk with G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon Chu, who dropped some serious plot nuggets that are sure to open some eyes.  I won’t regurgitate the entire interview here, but I do want to touch on a few things:

“Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not in this movie. Under the mask, is this the same character that Levitt played?

No. [Smiling] But we figured out a way that’s pretty nice. And you get the Cobra Commander that you’ve always wanted. Or, to me, what I always wanted: a bad-ass villain. He’s one of the most iconic villains ever. I’m even following him on Twitter — he’s so funny.”

Woah.  You read it there, folks.  The Cobra Commander we see in G.I. Joe: Retaliation is not the same guy from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  So the scene where we think Storm Shadow is “rescuing” him…  maybe that’s not what’s happening there.  Very interesting.

The next bit of knowledge brought a big smile to my face as well:

“And we may see Destro?

[Smiling] You may see a little glimpse of Destro. We’ll have to see. Speaking of the comic book, I love “Silent Interlude.” It’s one of my favorite. Obviously that changed everything for Joe. We do a little homage in our movie to “Silent Interlude.” I’m very excited for the fans to see what we do with that.”

So, a little glimpse of Destro and an homage to Silent Interlude.  Hmmm…

Any way, the interview is a fantastic read.  Everyone needs to check it out.  Lots of great illumination about the mindset behind the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film, a much larger focus on gritty action and bullets over lasers, and a story that Mr. Chu says is much more “comic” themed than the Rise of Cobra.  Check it out right here.