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Another day, another great interview from Mike Ryan of the Huffington Post (which is then posted on Moviefone, who is owned by AOL…  uhhh..  I give up).

Corporate weirdness aside, Mike Ryan has not been ashamed of his nerdy backgrounds throughout Toy Fair weekend, which is great for us, because I think he’s managed to get the best interviews of G.I. Joe: Retaliation cast and crew.

Unfortunately this interview apparently “wraps up” the Toy Fair coverage, but it’s another great one, as DJ Cotrona admits his feelings for the initial Rise of Cobra film, and name drops Larry Hama.

Adrianne Palicki is apparently more familiar with Jem and the Holograms than she is with Lady Jaye, but she’s a girl, we’ll let that slide.  Meanwhile, you have to check out the latest interview right here, it’s another good one, and even without any real break through information, it immediately makes me once again feel good about the direction of this film and how the stars feel about it.

Check it out here.