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Well, he doesn’t say much, but he does talk just a bit about G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and how it’s different than filming for television and his opinion on the content of this new film.  The interview is over on Collider, and the important G.I. Joe related parts are below:

How did you end up getting involved with G.I. Joe 2?

GOGGINS: Well, Lorenzo [di Bonaventura] just approached me. He had been a fan since The Shield, and he said, “I’m doing this big budget movie and I’ve got this role I want you to come play.” If you can bounce back and forth between a studio movie or a big action movie, likeCowboys & Aliens or G.I. Joe, and you balance that out, if you’re so lucky, with a wonderful television show or working with Steven [Spielberg], what better career can you have? One of the reasons why I wanted to do Justified so badly, or wanted to continue once we got up and going, was that I didn’t have to live in pain, every single day. On The Shield, for seven years, I was emotionally fucking wrecked. It was rare that we were just laughing. For the last five years, especially, it was really painful. Justified is lighter in tone, and it’s nice to be around that and show up to work and wear that hat. It’s the same thing for movies. G.I. Joe was fun.Lincoln was serious. I’m going to go do Quentin Tarantino’s movie (Django Unchained), and that’s going to be seriously fun. Once you’re at the buffet table, you just sample everything. That makes for a well-balanced life.

Was part of the appeal of the G.I. Joe sequel the fact that it’s more grounded in reality, this time around, and not so cartoony?

GOGGINS: Yeah, it’s a very, very big part of it. Just because of my personality, for me, comedy comes from pessimism, more often than not, and from a real place. In some ways, I wish I could tell a joke. I’m not good at telling a joke, but I can say a line in a certain way that makes people uncomfortable because they don’t know whether to laugh or not, and I love that comedy. That’s my favorite comedy, when it’s grounded in truth. And, I think G.I. Joeis going to be a really good film.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Walt Goggins, and have loved him in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in, so no complaints here, even if he is playing what seems to be a relatively minor role (Warden Nigel James).

Hit up Collider to check out the rest of the interview.